One of our trained and compassionate Volunteers will meet with you weekly, for about an hour, to promote hope, healing, and growth in a safe and confidential environment.
Issues often covered include, but are not limited to: Anxiety/Stress, Abuse(Emotional, Relational, Sexual, Spiritual), Anger, Boundaries/Codependency, Fear, Feeling lost or confused, Grief, Guilt/Shame, Loneliness, Pregnancy Loss (Abortion or Miscarriage), Difficult or Unhealthy Relationships, Self-esteem, and Spirituality.
The peer counseling session is not a “chat” session over coffee or hanging out with a friend. Real change takes place when the client applies the action steps discussed in a session coupled with God’s grace, mercy and love.
Peer counseling moves a woman from hopeless, stuck, guilty or grieving to a position of hope, structure, resolve, control and peace. Prayer is offered to but not required of any client.
Action steps are often gently ‘required’. These may involve working through a book study one on one with your volunteer peer counselor. It may be outlining a new way to respond to a certain person or scenario and then taking the hard step of trying it out.
No matter what, we are here through ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ without judgment. Eve Center believes each woman has the internal strength to see necessary change, learn what change she has control of, to plan for healing and to move –with support – to that place. We see it happen over and over and over. So much so that many of former clients now have trained to be volunteer peer counselors.
Client “Sue:”
I work full time, have an 8 year old daughter, take care of my mother with dementia and am going through a dissolution (of marriage) – pretty hectic. I am now attending groups at my church and am stronger than I was when I first came in. thank you for your strong encouragement!! I have learned a great deal! I have started taking life changing steps. I want to give when I get back on my feet.
Blessings to all of you.


Client “T”
I want to say Thank You for your vision to help other women in the complexity of our lives. Having a Godly place to be able to unpack the weight of our limitations, worry, and our sorrow so throughly was a gift I doubt many of us expected. I spent several months with [[a volunteer]] walking through land mines of my life and realized by the grace of God that I was still the walking wounded. He brought me to the Eve Center to help me with the shattered places of my life to mend all the broken places of my life. Amen and Thank You.