CareCenter Site Manager – Mindy Wise 

Mindy serves as the site manager at the Eve Services @ the Care Center. Her first involvement with the Eve Center was as a VPC upon graduation from the fall training in December 2019. She believes that God began to woo her to this ministry after hearing executive director Kenda Moss’ presentation at a Northstar Mom Life meeting. Confirmation of God’s invitation to join Him in this work then came through Isaiah 50:4-5, which says, “The LORD has taught me what to say so that I can strengthen the weary. Every morning He makes me eager to hear what He is going to teach me. The LORD has given me understanding.” This convinced her that God would be faithful in giving her clear instruction on how to provide sustainment to the weary women who seek out help at the Eve Center.

Two years later, Mindy again sought God’s counsel about accepting the role of Eve Center site manager. She felt that the Lord pointed her to another passage in Isaiah as confirmation that this position was His will for her. Verses 43:18-19, which say “Do not dwell on the past. Dont even remember former things. I am doing something brand-new. Even now it is coming. Dont you see it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up the flowing streams in the desert” allowed her to trust that the site manager position was a brand-new thing that she could embrace. She was confident that He promised to make a way in this new “wilderness” of serving with flowing streams of His encouragement and presence.

Looking back at her journey in life has enabled Mindy to clearly see how Jesus has been using all of her education and experiences to prepare her for being on staff at the Eve Center. The Bachelor of Arts degree earned in 1974 from the College of Wooster and the Masters in Education degree received in 1990 from the University of Heidelberg prepared her for a teaching career as an intervention specialist. As she and her husband made moves for his football coaching career throughout Ohio, she was able to hone her skills at being an encourager and #1 cheerleader for K-12 students with various learning challenges. She loved to empower her “kids” to believe they could achieve above and beyond what the “world” expected of them. In the midst of her years in the classroom, God fanned the flame of her passion for reaching women for Christ and instilling in them a love of Scripture. This led to the establishment of ongoing Bible study groups, mentoring relationships, and being a part of an organization that held annual Christian women’s conferences. Upon retirement from teaching, God surprised her with a new adventure with serving women through the director of women’s ministry staff position at her church, which she held for seven years before moving from Tiffin, Ohio to the Cincinnati area in 2017. 

Mindy feels privileged in being able to serve as an Eve Center VPC because it has enabled her to show women how deeply Jesus Christ loves and adores them. It has been a joy to empower them with the truth that He is their only trustworthy answer to breaking out of the prison of their trauma or troubles into true freedom in Him. In her role as site manager, she desires to be a #1 cheerleader for the VPCs by upholding them in prayer and “being there” for them, all the while encouraging them in their missions to “be there” for the clients with whom God has entrusted them.

It is Mindy’s hope that everyone who enters the doors of the Eve Center can truly experience what Jesus promises in John 10:10, which says in the Amplified version, “A thief has only one thing in mind—-he wants to steal, kill, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow.” She often shares with women that her favorite part of the Greek translation of that word abundance is “super abundant” because she wants every one of them to realize that they are divinely empowered by their Savior to be Super Women in Him to the full and overflowing!